Desserts & Sweets

Lucas & Lewellen's Grammy's Chocolate Pecan Pie

A rich pie with a touch of Bourbon to enhance and amaze! Chocolatey and nutty, this is a great pie for serving to guests and family paired with Lucas & Lewellen Vineyards Silver King Port as an adult treat on Halloween night when the kids are out trick or treating.

Harney Lane Gluttonous Chocolate Marzipan Cake

Chocolate and Zinfandel is Zinfully good! Indulge in the pairing with this decadently delicious cake recipe from Harney Lane.

Applewood Inn & Restaurant Honey Cannoli

Delight your guests with crunchy cannoli filled with creamy, sweet marscapone. Delicious paired with dessert wine.

Paso Robles Inn & Steakhouse Chocolate Lava Cake

The extraordinary taste of chocolate heaven can be made at home!