Entrées: Poultry

Oak Mountain Winery’s Honey Brined-Tuscan Herb Turkey

Oak Mountain Winery's Tuscan Herb Avocado Oil gives a lovely crispness and flavor to the skin of this juicy turkey. Try out this recipe and satisfy your turkey cravings.

Paso Robles Inn & Steakhouse Korean Fried Chicken

True taste of Korean cuisine.

Francis Ford Coppola Mrs. Scorcese's Lemon Chicken

Francis Ford Coppola Winery's restaurant (Sonoma Valley) has the crowd-pleaser chicken recipe from Martin Scorcese's mother. It pairs beautifully with the Diamon Collection Chardonnay which pulls together the rest of the meal beautifully with crisp acidity but enough body to match with wintry foods.

Dobbes Roulade of Turkey Breast with Prosciutto, Hazelnut, Apple and Sage with Fig Jam

Showcasing all of the wonderful bounty of Oregon in this recipe, it pairs beautifully with Dobbes Family Estate 2012 Grand Assemblage Syrah. The beauty of this recipe it is delicious served warm as a dinner entrée or cold on a tasty sandwich. Add the wine and enjoy!