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The breath-taking Lake County rests amid the slopes of coastal mountains rich in volcanic soil with fertile valleys, the crispest, cleanest air in the state, evergreen tree forests and deep blue lakes. The county derives its name from Clear Lake, the largest inland body of water in California.

Among these rolling hills and sparkling lakes is a haven for winemakers, especially those with a love for Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Since Lake County is the furthest north appellation in the North Coast Appellation and has some of the most extreme temperature fluctuations throughout the year, extra diligence in vineyard planning is required. This persistence by viticulturists and vineyard owners has created superb quality wines, putting the five AVAs in this county on the map. Come visit Lake County for its stunning scenery, outdoor activities like hiking, sailing, mountain climbing and wildlife watching and, of course, wine tasting in one of California’s most picturesque regions.