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In a state that is already famous for being environmentally conscious and “green”, Mendocino prides itself on having the most certified organic vineyards in the state, an unsurpassed 25%! Mendocino attracts those in search of quality wines that are as true to nature as possible in addition to vineyards planted in the beautiful, rolling, sometimes green and sometime snowy hills of Mendocino. Due to this cool climate, Mendocino is best known for its sparkling wines and cold-friendly grapes like Pinot Noir while the star varietals of Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon make up 4,300 acres of vines and 2,600 acres of vines, respectively, in the 15,000 acres wine region.

Mendocino is a popular destination for wine and eco-tourism. While the small city is dotted with many historic bed and breakfasts restored to their former 19th and early 20th century glory, camping. Ecotours of the nearby rugged coastline and forests are given by foot and by kayak. There are also guided nature walks where visitors can learn about local wildlife and how to better preserve the ecosystem. In keeping with this earth-friendly spirit, guests can also rent bikes and travel from winery to winery as they taste. What better way to see the sites, enjoy the surroundings and taste some true winemaking artistry when visiting Mendocino wine country.