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Anselmo Vineyards

Lovers of great wine, fresh food, and the Wild West feel they’ve found a slice of heaven when they discover Anselmo Vineyards, Seven Hills Land and Cattle Ranch, just east of Redding.

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Isolated from big cities like San Francisco and Sacramento, the Northern California wine region is defined by its immense natural landscapes. Completely surrounded by three towering mountain ranges, the Northern California wine region is California’s best-kept “secret.” Many of the region’s wineries are relatively small 10-acre vineyards, making a visit to the area intimate and memorable.

The diverse climates and elevations of the region help produce a wide array of wine grapes. From the summer heat and sunny days of the Tehama County, to the cool nights of Shasta County, the Northern California wine region is the perfect environment for superb winemaking. The surrounding oak and fir forests create a wine tasting experience that can only be found in the Northern California wine region.  

Larger cities in the region such as Redding and Chico add distinct shopping, food and outdoor experiences. Outdoor lovers can experience the beauty of the Mendocino, Shasta and Trinity National Forests. Food and wine lovers can visit Anselmo Vineyards and enjoy fresh world class dining with an expertly crafted bottle of wine. The Northern California wine region and the natural landscapes that surround it provide excellent and intimate wine, food and travel experiences that cannot be found anywhere else.