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Boeger Winery

Greg Boeger, grandson of early Napa Valley wine pioneers from the 1880s, brought the family winemaking tradition to El Dorado County by founding Boeger Winery in 1972

David Girard Vineyards

Today, David Girard vineyards has just under 36 vineyard acres of mostly Rhône varieties, perfectly suited to the estate's soil and climate. 

Ironstone Vineyards

When John and Gail Kautz founded Ironstone Vineyards, they wanted to create a magnificent winery that would serve as a legacy for their children’s children.

Lava Cap Winery

At the end of a tree-lined road in Placerville, California, Lava Cap Winery greets guests with a simple charm all its own.

Madroña Vineyards

Paul and his wife Maggie of Madroña Vineyards continue the Old World winemaking practices Paul’s father began.


In the heart of the Sierra Foothills, acclaimed for interesting and historical places to visit, Miraflores is dedicated to helping write a new chapter in its history as a world-renowned viticulture area.

Mount Aukum Winery


Renwood Winery

Surrounded by rolling hills in the heart of Amador County, Renwood Winery has long enjoyed an enviable reputation for crafting excellent wines.

Skinner Vineyards

Skinner Vineyards & Winery’s stunning new tasting room is perched atop a ridge at 2,700 feet. It offers panoramic views and ample patio space for guests to enjoy a picnic.

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Along with picks and shovels, people brought grapevines to the Sierra Foothills in the mid-1800s. And it’s good thing they did! Once planted, many of the vineyards in this region operated non-stop, even during the Prohibition years. In fact, Amador County is reported to be the only county in the United States to expand vineyard acreage during Prohibition, with the grapes sold to home winemakers. Today, this region is blessed with small, distinctive vineyards and wineries, beautiful scenery, quiet gold rush towns, and fresh mountain air.

The vineyards, located between 1,500 and 3,000 feet, are planted in well-drained, rich soils. Warm, sun-drenched days followed by cool, crisp nights yield grapes of remarkable intensity. And intense grapes produce wines with magnificent flavor profiles: pure gold.