Whole Wheat Artisan Bread

This bread has a good texture and appetizing aroma. Serve with cheese and a great bottle of wine!

Servings: makes 2 loaves

Cook Time: 5 1/2 hours

Pair With: This recipe will pair with a wide range of wines.

Source: Recipe courtesy Tama Takahashi, Touring & Tasting Food Editor


2 cups whole milk

1 cup old-fashioned rolled oats (not instant) plus 1/4 cup for coating

1/2 cup warm water

2 tablespoons yeast

1/2 cup sugar

1/4 cup melted butter

1 1/2 cups plus extra, all-purpose flour

3 cups whole-wheat flour

1 tablespoon salt

spray olive oil

1 egg


Scald the milk (heat without boiling), then remove from the heat and stir in 1 cup of the oats. Set aside until to cool until lukewarm. In a mixing bowl, stir together water, yeast, and 1 tablespoon of the sugar. Proof the yeast by letting stand for a few minutes. The mixture should start to foam, if not, the yeast is not active and you'll need to buy new yeast. If it proofs, stir the yeast mixture into the oats along with the melted butter and the rest of the sugar.

Into a separate bowl, sift together the flour, whole-wheat flour, and salt. Stir in the oats until a soft dough forms. Knead on a well-floured board adding flour as necessary to keep the dough from sticking. Knead for at least 10 minutes, until the dough becomes smooth and elastic. Spray a large bowl with olive oil and put the dough ball inside. Cover with a damp kitchen towel. Let rise for 1 - 1 1/2 hours or until doubled in bulk. Turn the dough onto a lightly floured board and knead a few times to knead out the air. Cut into two parts using a bench cutter or chef's knife, form into round loaves and place on oiled and floured baking sheets. Cover with damp kitchen towel and let rise for an hour or until doubled in bulk.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees with the rack in the middle position. In a small bowl, mix the egg with 1 tablespoon of water and using a brush, wash the egg over the tops of the loaves. Sprinkle with oats and make a slash in the top with a very sharp knife. Bake for 35 - 40 minutes or until golden brown and loaves sound hollow when tapped on bottom, 35 to 40 minutes. Let cool before slicing.


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