Brookside Inn's Polenta Cakes with Goat Cheese, Cured Salmon and Poached Egg

Brookside Inn Polenta Cakes with Goat Cheese, Cured Salmon and Poached Egg

Crumbled goat cheese and Herbs of Provence and a tasty touch to these Polenta cakes.

Servings: Makes 8 cakes

Cook Time: Overnight plus 10 minutes

Pair With: Serve with a Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, like the Brooks Wines Temperance Hill Pinot Noir.

Source: Courtesy of the Brookside Inn


3/4 cup coarse ground corn meal

3 cups liquid – water, stock or milk

1 bunch scallions - chopped

1 - 2 ears fresh sweet corn (or 3/4 cup frozen)

3 tbls butter – split in two parts

4 ounces fresh Oregon goat cheese - crumbled

3 tbls Herbs of Provence – split in two parts

4 tbsp. sour cream or Crème Fraiche

8 farm fresh eggs

8 slices cured salmon


The night before:

  1. Brown corn in 1 tbsp. of butter.
  2. Add onion and 2 tbsp. of Herbs of Provence and set aside.
  3. Bring liquid to a low boil and slowly add corn meal and simmer 20 minutes stirring continually – or - cook polenta per package.
  4. Stir in corn-onion mixture.
  5. Stir in goat cheese.
  6. Spoon evenly into 8 individual tart pans.
  7. Refrigerate overnight.


The next morning:

  1. Remove from refrigerator and allow to warm to room temperature.
  2. Melt remaining butter in heavy skillet on medium heat.
  3. Add cakes and brown.
  4. Serve with a poached egg, cured (not smoked) salmon and a little sour cream or Créme Fraiche /herbs of Provence dressing and a few fresh cherry or grape tomatoes.




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