Buttonwood Farm Winery's Fish with Thyme and Grenache Blanc

<p> The 2010 Buttonwood Farm Winery Grenache Blanc has green apple and Clementine notes, with a hint of nutmeg spice, garden sage and Bosc pear — a luscious combination with shallots and thyme for a lovely sauce to top a fillet of fish.</p>
Servings: 2

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Pair With: A lively Grenache Blanc, like the Buttonwood Farm Winery & Vineyard Grenache Blanc.

Source: Recipe courtesy Seyburn Zorthian of Buttonwood Farm Winery & Vineyard; photo by Tama Takahashi


<p> 1 1/2 tablespoons olive oil<br /> 2 tablespoons coarsely chopped shallots<br /> 1/2  pound any fillet of fresh fish<br /> 1/4 cup Buttonwood Grenache Blanc*<br /> about 2 teaspoon soy sauce<br /> about 1 teaspoon dried thyme<br /> lemon juice to taste*</p> <p> *You can substitute 1/4 cup Buttonwood Farms Winery <em>Verjus </em>for<em> </em>the Grenache Blanc and lemon juice!</p> <p>  </p>


<p> Sauté the shallots in oil over a medium burner (don’t stir) until they are beginning to brown; put the fish in with the shallots and let cook until rare, turning once or twice (don’t worry if the shallots get very brown; it adds flavor). Transfer fish to warm plate and cover with foil (will continue to cook a little). With burner still on medium, pour Grenache Blanc*, soy sauce and thyme into shallots and oil and let bubble. Continue to reduce sauce for a couple of minutes, add lemon juice to taste, adjust flavorings, then pour over fish and serve.</p>

Recipe Courtesy Of

Buttonwood Farm Winery & Vineyard

Long before grapevines were planted on the hilltop at Buttonwood Farm Winery & Vineyard, it was home to horses, goats, and chickens; trees bearing fruit, nuts, and olives; and gardens filled with vegetables, herbs, and flowers.