Napa Valley's Standout Tasting Rooms: Part Three

In our previous two issues, we’ve introduced you to 25 of Napa Valley’s more than 500 wineries offering outstanding tasting experiences. We only tapped the surface!

Published: 6/15/2015

In our previous two issues, we’ve introduced you to 25 of Napa Valley’s more than 500 wineries offering outstanding tasting experiences. We only tapped the surface! Here are more to add to your “must-visit” list.

Acacia Vineyard 
Perched on a hilltop in the heart of the Los Carneros Appellation, the Acacia Vineyard tasting room is simply appointed with a long tasting bar and a picture window revealing its barrel room. Here, the spotlight is on the iconic wines and their sense of place. Guests can opt for a guided tour of the production facility and a short vineyard walk to admire the gorgeous vista view.

Etude Wines
Also in Los Carneros, the stunning tasting room at Etude was designed to encourage guests to investigate and study the winery’s exceptional wines. Guests are invited to taste at the tasting bar, at the Reserve Heirloom Room, at the study room, or on the patio. The staff is very knowledgeable and welcoming. On weekends, a special seated experience, The Study of Pinot Noir, is offered by appointment only.

The Hess Collection
The history of this amazing property includes more than 50 years as a novitiate, school, and winery for The Christian Brothers. The winery is also an art museum featuring some of the brilliant artwork collected around the globe by Owner Donald Hess. Make a reservation for Tour of the Palate, a guided art tour and a tasting of three wines paired with cuisine prepared by Hess Executive Chef Chad Hendrickson.

Kuleto Estate
It’s hard to believe that Kuleto Estate is located just 15 minutes from Rutherford! Be sure to make an appointment in advance, because the winery is located up a steep, winding lane behind a locked gate. Appointments are offered at four set times each day. The winery offers several fun tasting experiences, including Winemaker’s Whim, and panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valley floor.

Monticello Vineyards
We think Thomas Jefferson would be pleased with how the Jay Corley family has fulfilled his vision for winegrowing in America. The family farms five small vineyard sites throughout the valley, and their intimate and inviting tasting room is located in the heart of one—not far from a building modeled after the famed Monticello. Special wine seminars are held in Monticello Napa Valley by appointment only.

Napa Cellars
This laid-back tasting room sits in the heart of Oakville, providing views of mountains and vineyards in every direction. The beautiful grounds are a popular picnic spot, so bring your own picnic to enjoy after you’ve selected a favorite vintage inside. The Napa Cellars’ staff takes particular pride in being both approachable and knowledgeable, so be prepared to have a genuinely great tasting experience.

St. Clement Vineyards
A very pretty historic Victorian house serves as the tasting room for St. Clement Vineyards. Set atop a steep little hill, it offers beautiful views of the valley floor, as well as a rewarding tasting experience. The flagship blend, Oroppas, has never scored below 90 points. Several tasting options are offered, including a guided tasting twice daily in the winemakers vault of the Stone Winery.

Sullivan Vineyards
In the early 1970s, famed graphic artist, Jim Sullivan, and his wife Johanna discovered the land that would become home to their family and vineyard in what is now the esteemed Rutherford AVA. Reservations are required—and are well-worth it. A variety of tasting experiences are offered, but we suggest the Sullivan VIP Experience, where the wines are paired with local cheeses and charcuterie.

As seen in the issue Summer/Fall 2015 of Touring & Tasting Magazine.