Napa Valley Wine Train

Napa Valley Wine Train
1275 McKinstry Street
Napa, CA  94559

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Insider Tips

Gourmet Express: A multiple course gourmet meal aboard a 1915 or 1917 Pullman dining car and a 1915 Pullman lounge car — 3 hours.

Quattro Vino: A 4-course Napa-style meal with tastings at 3 wineries — 6 hours.

Vista Dome: A multiple course gourmet meal aboard a 2-story 1952 Pullman domed railcar. Reserved seating only — 3 hours.


Wine-Powered Rail Adventures
The Napa Valley Wine Train

You could do Napa Valley by car. But there’s a better way:

Board the 1900s-era Pullman cars of the Napa Valley Wine Train. Drink, roll, and clack along tracks that wind 36 miles through wine country’s picturesque scenery. 

You can sink into this Gilded-Age treasure of plush velveteen armchairs, surrounded by the finest Honduran mahogany paneling, leather upholstery, brass finishes, and glass-domed roofs. You’re on the West Coast’s own Orient Express rambling through vineyard land, eating and swinging back bubbles. Now, isn’t that better than driving?  

A warning: The word “wine” in the name is a slight misnomer. There’s plenty of vino, but there are also other beverages served on special journeys, including Palisades beer aboard the Hop Train and hot cocoa on the Santa Train. 

Fall is supreme—slower, quieter, and the perfect time of year to click and clack through wine country with a glass of Napa red. All aboard!

Here are three unique adventures that belong in your memory:

1. Murder Mystery

The train turns into a speakeasy dining experience and mobster crime scene. Quick, Sherlock! You must solve the murder mystery.

2. Romance on the Rails

Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, a night à deux is upgraded with a clickety clack through wine country on a starlit winter night.

3. The Legacy Tour

It’s all about “The Family” on this full-day excursion. Between stops at three Italian-family-run wineries, you’ll eat. Mangia!



Napa Valley Wine Train's Yellowfin Tuna Tartare

Tuna Tartares always have a little bit of soy and citrus juice to act as a "cooking agent" and give an Asian-infused flavor.