The City of San Luis Obispo


Sincerely yours, San Luis Obispo

It’s no wonder people call the city of San Luis Obispo “SLO.” They find no reason to rush in this delightful coastal city. SLO has everything one could ask for: an ideal year-round marine climate of balmy days and cool nights, an unrivaled proximity to both the Pacific Ocean and wine country, a friendly downtown lined with shops and intriguing restaurants, two colleges, a symphony orchestra, and a beautiful Spanish Mission in the center of it all. Recently, San Luis Obispo has topped a variety of “Best of” lists for everything from most friendly, most romantic, and most healthy to America’s best college town and best Main Street. But what really matters is you. This is where you can choose your own adventure and find the adventurer in yourself. SLO locals sincerely treat you like a personal guest, with friendly tips and advice to make you feel at home. There are plenty of places to stay in the heart of this tranquil downtown, so spend some SLO time soon. 

In addition, San Luis Obispo (SLO) Wine Country boasts world-class wines from grapes grown just five miles from the Pacific Ocean. Nestled between the dramatic California coastline and rolling volcanic hills, this is an intimate valley of innovative winemakers and peerless vineyards with an unparalleled story to tell. Go Coastal!

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