Favorite Foodie Finds in Walla Walla, WA

As one of the nation's top small towns for food, Walla Walla is home to many culinary artists. Here's where they tell us they like to dine.

Published: 7/01/2015

As one of the nation's top small towns for food, Walla Walla is home to many culinary artists. Here's where they tell us they like to dine.

Cugini Italian Import Market
Nearly everything in this little gourmet market is either house-made or locally sourced. The bread for the sandwiches, the Ricotta cheese, the sauces, the pasta, plus three types of salami (mild, fennel, and spicy) are made on the premises. The salami is from an old family recipe.

Downtown Farmers’ Market
Open from May through October, more than 70 farmers and artisans gather in Crawford Park at Fourth and Main Streets each Saturday. Besides fresh produce and cheeses from local farms, the market also has a food court with a range of offerings from fresh squeezed juices to Egyptian falafels.

The Marc Restaurant
This classy but relaxed restaurant located in the Marcus Whitman Hotel & Conference Center has a fabulous menu. For a real treat, book the Chef’s Table in the kitchen for an interactive dining experience. Adjacent to the main restaurant, the hotel’s Vintage Lounge has a great Happy Hour menu.

Maple Counter Café
A breakfast worth waiting for (and sometimes we do)! The batters for the pancakes, crepes, and omelets are made from scratch using fresh ingredients; the whipped butter is pure, high grade butter; and the fresh juices are house-squeezed daily. Everything is locally sourced.

Monteillet Fromagerie
A pretty country drive away in Dayton, this goat and sheep farm handcrafts amazing cheeses. Offerings include chèvre, feta, mozzarella, ricotta, soft ripened, semi-hard, and hard cheeses—all made from Alpine goats and East Friesian-Lacaune sheep. Also sold at the Farmers Market.

Walla Walla Bread Company
The options seem endless here, with an array of breads, including crispy crusted baguettes, aromatic olive bread, cheddar scallion buttermilk biscuits, flaky croissants, and bagels that are hand rolled, boiled, and baked every morning. Beyond bread, there are sandwiches, French macaroons, and fresh fruit pies.

Walla Walla Roastery
The coffee beans are selected with care from all over the world and roasted fresh daily in small batches. Although the coffee is served in many restaurants around town, it’s a real treat to visit the café by the airport. The espresso is ultra smooth and the mocha is deep, rich, and chocolaty.

Wines for Pairing
Our current favorites: 2013 Amavi Syrah with barbecue beef; the 2013 Foundry Oak Chardonnay with roast chicken; 2007 Lodmell Estate Merlot with roast lamb and rosemary; 2012 Pepper Bridge Cabernet Sauvignon with beef stew; 2014 Tertulia Viognier with roast turkey; 2009 Three Rivers Svelte with sirloin steak.

As seen in the issue Pacific Northwest Summer/Fall 2015 of Touring & Tasting Magazine.