Wonderful Walla Walla


At the foot of the Blue Mountains in the Southeastern corner of Washington State, lies the friendly valley of Walla Walla. Here, the weather is generally sunny and warm, and so are the people. Walla Wallans greet you with a smile, ask you where you’re from, and make you glad you came. They’re quick to tell you about all the things that make Walla Walla wonderful: the public art, the galleries, the music, the restaurants, the cooking classes, the boutiques, the colleges, the mountains, the rivers, the hiking trails, and especially, the incredible wines.

In Walla Walla, the pace is slow and the living is easy, with one exception: In the past dozen years, its number of wineries has soared from 13 to more than 100! Despite this growth, most wineries remain small, family-run operations. Tasting rooms have a relaxed, amiable vibe. Questions are always welcome, and they’re often answered by the winemakers, who really care what you think. Whether you’re a newbie, a pro, or someone in between, Walla Walla is a great place to learn more about wine.

So slow down, relax, and savor life’s simple pleasures—with a twist of sophistication—in Walla Walla.


Charming and historic downtown Walla Walla is the heart of this community. For on-foot exploration, try the ArtWalla Public Art walking tour, the Self-guided Downtown Walla Walla walking tour, the Fort Walla Walla Living History Company walking tour, and/or the Whitman College outdoor sculpture walk. When the dry, warm climate begs you to “get outdoors and do something!” join the locals and cycle, bird watch, canoe, fish, hike, golf, and so on. Culture is a priority here, too.

The newly renovated Power House Theatre produces everything from Shakespeare to Broadway-caliber plays. The community-based Walla Walla Symphony has been performing since 1907. Walla Walla is also home to three colleges that draw great artists and guest lecturers and add a vibrant feeling to the town. Visit the museums, shop for antiques, and stop to smell the roses (or sweet onions) at the Walla Walla Farmer’s Market. You’ll agree that this is one authentic place.


Walla Walla’s wineries and tasting rooms are divided into four main areas: downtown, west side, east side, and south of town. The best news is, these regions are in such close proximity, it only takes 20 minutes to get from one end to the other! Watch for exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Riesling, Chardonnay, and Viognier—but you’ll discover more. And what is wonderful wine without wonderful food? Home to many great chefs, Walla Walla will not disappoint the palate.


It’s easy to get to Walla Walla. Finding a great place to stay is easy, too. To learn more, visit wallawalla.org