Ecliptic Brewing

Ecliptic Brewing
825 N Cook St
Portland, OR  97227

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With more than 25 years of experience, the iconic Pacific Northwest Brewmaster John Harris founded Ecliptic Brewing in 2013 to unite his two passions: brewing and astronomy. The brewery, which observes the Earth’s yearly journey through its beer and restaurant menus, has rapidly achieved high acclaim.

John’s own journey as a brewmaster began at McMenamins and then Deschutes, where he created the recipes for Mirror Pond and Jubelale. He spent the next 20 years at Full Sail, where he was in charge of the Brewmaster Reserve line of beers. He chose the word “ecliptic,” which defines the planet’s annual path around the sun, for his new endeavor to push the limits of creativity both as a brewer and as a restauranteur.

He works closely with Executive Chef Michael Molitor, who rotates his seasonally inspired menu every six weeks according to the Old World calendar. Just some of the brilliant results include fried green tomatoes, pan-fried rockfish, and grilled beer-brined pork loin, complemented by several signature dishes like a trout po’boy, beet melt, and the Ecliptic burger.

Of equal brilliance are the signature beers, each named for a star or moon. Spica Pilsner, named for the brightest star in the constellation Virgo, is brewed in the unfiltered Kellerbier style. Phobos, named for the Martian moon that circles the red planet, is a single-hop creamy rich, red beer. Orbiter IPA, named for one of the brightest stars in the sky, shines with strong citrus notes and a medium body, while Procyon Pale Ale, named for the Little Dog Star in the Canis Minor constellation, is a classic Northwest Pale Ale. Ecliptic beers are crafted to complement the food served in its own restaurant and on-tap throughout Oregon and Washington.

With countless celestial objects to serve as inspiration, it’s safe to look forward to more from Ecliptic Brewing for many years to come.

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