New Deal Distillery

New Deal Distillery
900 SE Salmon St
Portland, OR  97214

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Whiskey-making classes, Distillery Row member, culinary events, gift shop, cocktails available


Established in 2004, New Deal Distillery has paved the way for Portland’s exciting craft distillery movement. When it was first founded by Tom Burkleaux and his partner Matthew VanWinkle, New Deal was Portland’s second modern distillery and the first to set up business in an area now known as Portland’s Distillery Row. Holding steadfast to the goal of producing handcrafted quality spirits using real, whole ingredients in small batches, New Deal Distillery celebrated its tenth anniversary last year as a producer of an exceptional line-up of award-winning craft-distilled spirits and active partner in the local business community.

Through its ten-year history, New Deal has sought every opportunity to work with local organic farmers, source ingredients, parts, and equipment from local businesses, and help other craft distilleries get off the ground. “We couldn’t have stayed in business this long without the support of our community, and we’re always looking for opportunities to give back,” Tom says. The company sources its natural and organic ingredients locally whenever possible, including the sugars and grains used for rum and whiskey fermentations and liqueur sweeteners and coffee beans for the coffee liqueur. “We even have a local farmer growing a patch of fragrant roses for a uniquely Portland spirit we’re experimenting with!” Tom says.

Locally known as the cornerstone for Portland’s Distillery Row, New Deal Distillery’s tasting room is an exhilarating place to visit. Besides offering a dynamic tasting bar where drop-in guests can sample the spirits including seasonal and limited-run products, complete tours of the facility can be provided for those \who make arrangements in advance. Better yet, they can register online for a Hands-on Whiskey class—a five-hour introduction to fermentation, distillation, and barrel-aging of a small-batch whiskey. Participants engage in every phase of production as they learn about grain selection, enzyme and yeast usage, and more.

New Deal Distillery is a taste of Portland community through and through.

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