Spring 2013

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4 Fabulous Wine Destinations

Wonderful wines, tempting food, spectacular scenery, and lots of interesting things to do—these are the elements that make a wine destination fabulous.

A Perfect Weekend in Lodi

Spend a weekend in Lodi, California wine country. It’s closer than you may think—just 30 minutes south of Sacramento and 90 minutes east of San Francisco—and it has all you need for an ideal wine country getaway.

Adventures in Sonoma County

If you're a lover of exploration and discovery, Sonoma County is waiting for you. This massive wine region is the size of Rhode Island, with over 370 wineries and 15 separate AVA’s.

An Interview with Owner/Winemaker John Bookwalter

Touring & Tasting's Exclusive Interview with John Bookwalter, Owner and Winemaker of J. Bookwalter Winery.

Beautiful, Bountiful, Traverse City

The upper left edge of the Michigan “mitten” holds many treasures. Stately pine forests, windswept peninsulas, sugar sand beaches, towering dunes, crystal blue lakes, acres upon acres of cherry orchards, and thriving vineyards. At the heart of all of this sits Traverse City, a gem of a town just waiting to be discovered.

Classic California Found! Pismo Beach

The words “California dreaming” create an idyllic scene. We picture a strong, sturdy pier jutting out from a white pristine beach, inviting, surfable waves, graceful pelicans soaring above, and happy people enjoying it all.

Culinary Napa Valley

Nothing goes better with wonderful wine than wonderful food—and you’re sure to find plenty of both in the Napa Valley.

Exclusive Interview With Chef Brian Overhauser

An exclusive interview with Chef Brian Overhauser of Hahn Estates. 

Exclusive Interview with Edna Valley Vineyard's Winemaker Josh Baker

Touring & Tasting's exclusive interview with Edna Valley Vineyard's Josh Baker.

Exclusive Interview with Karl D. Wente

Learn more about Wente Vineyards' Winemaker, Karl D. Wente, in Touring & Tasting's exclusive interview!

Exclusive Interview with Mandy and Katie Grassini

A Touring & Tasting Exclusive Interiew with Katie and Mandy Grassini of Grassini Family Vineyards!

Exclusive Interview with Wine & Roses Co-Founder Russ Munson

Touring & Tasting's exclusive interview with Russ Munson, Co founder of Wine & Roses located in Lodi, California.

How Oregon Chefs and Wineries Suggest We Enjoy their Wines

Can't wait to visit Oregon? Open a bottle of Oregon wine. Depending on the vintage, you’ll taste the diversity of Oregon terroir in its flavors—ranging from a delicate apple blossom to leathery licorice root. To enhance your tasting experience, pair your next sip with food.

Lake County Rising Part 2

In the mountain vineyards of Lake County, the grape growers know that good wine doesn’t just start in the vineyard. It is tended by good workers who nurture good grapes.

Living it Up in Livermore Valley

Relaxed yet refined, Livermore Valley provides an ideal wine country setting for weddings, reunions, corporate events – all kinds of festive events.

New Legends in Santa Barbara Wine Country

In the history of California wine, Santa Barbara wine country is a new frontier. Meet nine of the region’s most talked about vintners, destined to make their own marks in Santa Barbara wine.

Picnics SLO Style

Known for its wonderful wines, particularly Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, San Luis Obispo (SLO) wine country is made up of rolling hills and valleys, crossroad country villages, coastal towns, historical sites, and plenty of great places to picnic along the way. 

Spelunking and Tasting in the Sierra Foothills

Join Editor-in-Chief, Wendy Van Diver on her editor's tour of the Sierra Foothills. 

Standout Northern Central Coast Tasting Rooms

Long prized for its pristine beauty naturally sculpted by breezes from the Monterey Bay, the Northern Central Coast is experiencing a new kind of windfall these days in the form of tasting rooms.

Sunset to Sunrise in the Tri-Valley

California’s Tri-Valley, home to Livermore Valley wine country, is an easy drive from San Francisco, but you’ll find yourself in a world apart—a world you won’t want to leave at day’s end.

Tasting in the City by the Bay

Bustling, beguiling, breathtaking San Francisco is a tourist’s dream with a list of exciting things to do that stretches as far as its city limits. 

The Temecula Valley Portfolio

Southern California’s Temecula Valley has been an incubator for winegrapes for centuries. Touring & Tasting asked a group of Temecula Valley experts to share their insights on Temecula Valley wines.

What's New, Paso Robles?

Located midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, this dynamic Central Coast wine region continues to boom as both a wine producer and a destination for savvy wine tourists. So what’s the latest in Paso Robles?

Wines of Washington (Wow!) And the Next 25 Years

Checking in with several key players in Washington wine from across the state to see how they think the wines of Washington will wow us next.