Tama's Damper Loaf

An Australian damper loaf is similar to an Irish soda bread. Irish immigrants brought the recipe to “The Land Down Under” and it was adapted to the Outback using wattle seed--a native "bush tucker" ingredient. Without the wattle seed, the bread is still a satisfyingly dense, fine-textured rye that pairs well with cheese and wine.

Whole Wheat Artisan Bread

This bread has a good texture and appetizing aroma. Serve with cheese and a great bottle of wine!

Windward Vineyards Schiacciata

A bread made in central Italy to celebrate the grape harvest, Maggie makes this recipe just once a year when the Windward Vineyard Estate Pinot Noir grapes are at their ripest.


Challah is made with a dough rich with egg and sugar. The texture is soft and the flavor sweet. Perfect for a wine tasting, served with fig preserves and nuts.

Tama's Sundried Tomato, Parsley, Rosemary and Parmesan Bread

This bread takes time to make, but many compliments will follow this bread with dense, soft texture and herbed flavor.

Focaccia With Pesto and Fresh Tomatoes

This bread disappears in a hurry! The light, chewy bread with pesto and tomatoes is reminiscent of pizza without the sauce. The aroma of garlic, basil and Parmesan is irresistable.

Tama's Sun-dried Tomato, Olive, Onion and Rosemary Bread

Soft, fragrant bread laced with sun-dried tomato, olive, onion and rosemary is wonderful warm with melted Brie and a glass of fruit forward red wine.

Cliff Creek Cellars Savory Cheese Rolls

These Savory Cheese Rolls from Cliff Creek Cellars make a great appetizer for any party or event. Your guests will not be able to have enough!

Tama's Blueberry Scones

Tender dough laced with warm blueberries bake into lovely scones to enjoy with a salad or as dessert.

Bodega Bay Lodge's Focaccia & Pizza Dough

A great base for your favorite pizzas!

Marcus Whitman Hotel's Caramelized Onion and Cheddar Biscuits With Sweet Onion Molasses Jam

The appetizing aroma of caramelized onion and cheddar biscuits will draw family and guests into the kitchen. The molasses and sweet onion jam is both sweet and savory.

Marcus Whitman Hotel's Whole Wheat Bread

Fragrant and flavorful, naturally sweetened whole wheat bread is nutritious and satisfying.

Peju's Mediterranean Flatbread with Fig Jam, Prosciutto, Shaved Pecorino, Dressed Arugula

This flatbread topped with fig jam, prosciutto, pecorino, and arugula salad will be devoured as fast as you can make them!

El Dorado Kitchen's Mushroom Flatbread

Cimini mushrooms, arugula, and a bit of cheese combine beautifully on this delectable flatbread

Marcus Whitman Hotel's Pumpkin-Cranberry Brioche

The fragrant brioche is wonderful with coffee and some whipped cream on the side, and is a natural bread to serve during the fall season.