Entrées: Lamb

Shannon Ridge BBQ Lamb with Pineapple Salsa

Fire up the grill and take a foodie tour of Lake and Mendocino Counties with wonderful BBQ lamb recipe. You'll love the spicy pineapple salsa!

Torii Mor Herb-Crusted Rack of Lamb with Red Wine Reduction

A delicious rack of lamb with a red wine reduction sauce, Herbes de Provence and demi-glace. Pair with Pinot Noir!

R & B Cellars Seared Lamb with Swingin’ Zin Reduction Sauce

Jazz up tender lamb chops with a swingin' zinfandel reduction from San Francisco's East Bay award-winning R & B Cellars.

Goodstone Inn & Restaurant French Rack of Lamb

Classic French preparation yields perfect lamb, tender and flavorfully crusted with mustard and herbs.

Greenwood Ridge Vineyards Mediterranean Lamb Chops

This recipe is a quick and easy  way to spice up lamb chops. The Greenwood Ridge Vineyards Merlot is a terrific pairing.

Six Sigma Ranch & Winery Braised Lamb Shanks

Lake County chef/caterer Mark Linback serves up this soul-satisfying dish to warm his guests on especially chilly evenings. He often presents it over creamy corn grits or garlic mashed potatoes. A lovely pairing with Six Sigma Tempranillo. ¡salud!

Madroña's Spiced Lamb Meatballs with Pine Nut and Fresh Herb Couscous

These lamb meatballs pair perfectly with Madroña’s 2010 Hillside Zinfandel. The young Zin is tamed immediately with the introduction of the Mediterranean spices, making the wine wonderfully soft and alluring. The hint of heat in the spices, is framed by the fresh fruit of the Zin.

LangeTwins Char-grilled Lamb Burger with Feta and Cumin Mayo

Lamb and feta cheese is one of the most satisfying culinary pairings—add homemade mayonaisse with toasted cumin and you have something out-of-this-world delicious.

Castello di Amorosa's Silence of the Lamb Shanks

Lamb shanks are the quintessential fall comfort food, especially paired with fava beans and a nice Chianti (Sangiovese). It may just be one of the most famous food and wine pairings of all time thanks to Hannibal Lecter!

Le Vigne Italian Rack of Lamb

Le Vigne Winery's Italian Rack of Lamb recipe paired with a 2010 Le Vigne Cabernet Sauvignon or 2011 Le Vigne Sangiovese

Buttonwood Farm Winery's Excellent Lamb & Bean Stew

This "Excellent Lamb Stew & Bean Stew" is excellent for a family dinner or party. The meat is so tender, it falls off the bone, and the broth is rich with layers of flavor. Serve with Syrah and hot bread for a hearty meal.

Cellar360's Pesto Crusted Australian Lamb Chops

A white bean and mushroom cassoulet is topped with mint-pesto baked lamb chops. Serve with a bold Pinot Noir on a cold winter's night and you may never want summer to come.

Ledson Winery's Marinated Lamb Skewers with Yogurt and Mint

These grilled lamb skewers are easy to prep and easy to grill

Harney Lane's Lamb Shank

Rain or shine Lamb. Shanks is a perfect cold weather dish, chops or roasted whole, one can never get enough of the rich flavor lamb provides.

Harney Lane's Winery Garlic and Rosemary Lamb Chop Lollipops

Lamb chops trimmed into "lollipops" give the restaurant look, while a garlic, rosemary and sherry vinegar marinade creates the gourmet taste.

Maryhill Winery's Shepherd's Pie

A savory and meaty dish originating back to northern United Kingdom.

Lambert Bridge's Grilled Rosemary Lamb Chops

 A fresh rosemary and balsamic vinegar marinade add a tangy herb flavor to these lamb chops.