Bernardus Lodge's Black Truffle Martini

Chef Cal’s Black Truffle Martini are available at the Truffle Dinner held annually each December at Marinus Restaurant at Bernardus Lodge. This unique martini was devised as the signature aperitif for this exclusive event.

Servings: 2

Cook Time: 5 minutes, plus 2 weeks infusion

Pair With: The Bernardus Wild Mushroom Risotto.

Source: Recipe and photo courtesy Chef Cal Stamenov, Marinaus restaurant at Bernardus Lodge.


Grey Goose Vodka (750 ml bottle) *-- 4 ounces used for this recipe
2 fresh black truffles, finely chopped
Miniature pickled black truffles


*A 750 mil bottle of vodka will make approximately 12 truffle martinis
*Once infused the vodka will be good for approximately one year


Two weeks prior to serving, add the finely chopped truffles to the vodka. Allow the vodka and truffle mixture to gently infuse by standing the bottle in a cool, dimly lit room or a cellar for two weeks.  On the day of serving, strain the vodka, separating the truffles from the infused spirit.

Half fill the cocktail shaker with ice cubes. Pour four liquid ounces of truffle vodka over the ice. Shake or stir the mixture, depending on personal preference. Strain the mixture into two chilled martini glasses. Garnish with a miniature pickled truffle skewered on a tooth pick. Indulge.



Recipe Courtesy Of

Bernardus Winery

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