Claiborne & Churchill's Spicy Pumpkin Cream Soup

Healthy and creamy pumpkin soup, full of flavor and very easy to make! The combination between the sweet pumpkin and spices is just great.

Pair With: Claiborne & Churchill 2012 Dry Gewurztraminer

Source: Recipe courtesy of Claiborne & Churchill


2 tablespoons butter
1 medium onion, chopped
1 can pure pumpkin (solid-pack) or 3 cups fresh-cooked pumpkin puree
3 cups chicken broth
Spices: a dash each of cinnamon, ground cloves and nutmeg
2 tablespoons finely diced fresh ginger
Half-pint heavy cream
Salt and pepper


Sautée the onion in butter in a heavy saucepan until soft. Add pumpkin, chicken broth, and spices and simmer gently for 20 minutes. Allow to cool a little and purée in a blender or food processor, or put through a strainer, then return to the pan. Stir in the heavy cream and heat thoroughly (do not boil). Season with salt and pepper.

Recipe Courtesy Of

Claiborne & Churchill

A passion for the French province of Alsace and the desire to create delightfully different wines inspired Claiborne (Clay) Thompson and Fredericka Churchill to found their boutique winery in 1983.