Gary Farrell Winery's Exploration Tour & Tasting Experience

Posted: 11/10/2017

Gary Farrell Winery works with some of the most prestigious vineyards in the Russian River Valley and beyond; transforming this fruit into world-class wines that express both vintage and vineyard site requires unwavering dedication and respectful stewardship. You're invited to explore this process through a guided tour of the winery and cellar, accompanied by a lively and detailed discussion of our winemaking process from grape to glass. This experience culminates at a communal table in The Meadow View Room where the host will lead you and other tour guests through a tasting of five highly allocated single vineyard releases, paired with a selection of artisan cheese and nuts, highlighted with an "impeccable pairing".

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Gary Farrell Winery

Guests enjoy nature’s sounds and sights as they sip Gary Farrell wines produced from iconic vineyards.