Central Coast, California

Stretching 350 miles along one of the world’s most breathtaking coastlines, California’s Central Coast is replete with natural beauty. From the southern edge of San Francisco to the northern fringes of Los Angeles, beach walkers, surfers, hikers, cyclists, nature lovers and history buffs find plenty of great things to do---and wine lovers find plenty of great wines to sample! Get a taste of these four divine regions.

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Central Coast, California Wine Regions

Monterey Wine Country

The unparalleled scenic beauty of this region are expressed in its wines whose grapes mature slowly in an environment offering an ideal ratio of warm sun, cooling fog, and ancient soils.

Paso Robles

Located midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, this dynamic wine region has earned a solid reputation as a passionate farming community with inspired winemakers and exciting, innovative wines.

San Luis Obispo Wine Country

Often referred to as SLO wine country, this growing region hugs the coast. Savor signature coastal Burgundian wines as well as Rhône wines and aromatic whites. Everything ripens the SLO way here.

Santa Barbara County

Here land and sea enjoy a unique juxtaposition. The ocean is south and the mountains run east to west, providing westerly winds and fog that caress the vines and produce exceptional wines.