Columbia River Gorge

Running more than 80 miles in length, this dramatic, naturally scenic destination is home to many small wineries that produce excellent wines. The Columbia River Gorge offers jaw-dropping natural beauty at every turn, so bring your binoculars and palate for outstanding wine. Take the Hood River County Fruit Loop and visit wineries, fruit and vegetable stands, and even a lilac farm! Along the way, sample excellent handcrafted wines, craft beers, and hard ciders made by the region’s talented producers.

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Cathedral Ridge Winery

Family owned and operated Cathedral Ridge Winery is truly a showcase for the distinctiveness and diversity of the spectacular variety of grapes grown in Oregon’s Columbia Gorge region.

Hood Crest Winery

Winemakers and blues recording artists Tess and Patrik Barr, who have been making music together since the 1980s, quietly started making wine in Washington in 1992. 

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Gourmet Gifts: Pacific Northwest


A trip into the West’s wine country is an excellent opportunity to savor the grape—that’s a given. But it’s also the perfect chance to find one-of-a-kind gifts with a story and a sense of place. Here’s our indispensable guide to where to shop in the Pacific Northwest.

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Game On! — Fun outside *Bonus Content*


Now that summer is officially here we invite you to relax outside and enjoy a little bit of friendly competition while you taste your way through wine country.

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Pacific Northwest: Delish Fish


Visit a fish market in the Pacific Northwest and immerse yourself in the scents and flavors. A bounty of deliciousness is harvested from the ocean, rivers, and streams. Relish the samples!

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Wine Country Experiences: Oregon


Located along the western edge of the mainland United States, bordered by Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, and the Pacific Ocean.

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Warm Days in the Mighty Gorge


Wild and beautiful, the Columbia River Gorge is a natural playground with plenty of fun and exhilarating ways to spend a warm day on the mighty Columbia.

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Pacific Northwest Pairings


Situated in the Cascade Mountain Range, Oregon and Washington are blessed with fertile soils that make the region a top producer of apples, mushrooms, berries, peaches, and winegrapes.

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Oh So Gorgeous: Columbia River Gorge, OR & WA


Running more than 80 miles long and 4,000 feet deep, the Columbia River Gorge forms a spectacular, natural scenic destination. 

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Oregon Pinot Noir: Complements from a Chef by Diane Clerihue


It is impossible to think of Oregon wine without thinking of Oregon Pinot Noir. The state’s incredibly diverse growing regions— from the warmer climates and plentiful soil types found in the southern part of the state, to the cooler climates and unique soils found to the north—have it all. 

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The Art of Oak in Oregon


Barrel selection is a crucial step in the winemaking process. The type of oak, its toast level, and its age will have an impact on the flavor and structure of the wine, and there are no ironclad formulas to rely on. 

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The Future of Oregon Wine


Through the past 50 years, Oregon has evolved into a world-class wine growing state with nearly 500 wineries producing wines from 72 different grape varieties.

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How Oregon Chefs and Wineries Suggest We Enjoy their Wines


Can't wait to visit Oregon? Open a bottle of Oregon wine. Depending on the vintage, you’ll taste the diversity of Oregon terroir in its flavors—ranging from a delicate apple blossom to leathery licorice root. To enhance your tasting experience, pair your next sip with food.

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