Columbia River Gorge

Covering more than one-third of the state, the Columbia Valley is Washington’s largest viticultural area and grows 99 percent of its winegrapes. This vast region measuring almost 11 million acres possesses a wide range of slopes and microclimates that yield aromatic and flavorful wines. Situated in the rain shadow of the Cascade Mountain range, the region enjoys a sunny climate that ranges from arid to semi-arid.

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Maryhill Winery

Situated on the edge of a cliff overlooking the spectacular Columbia River Gorge with majestic Mount Hood in the distance, Maryhill Winery serves as an inspiration to wine lovers.

Memaloose Winery

In the scenic Columbia River Gorge, Memaloose Winery’s story is one of a hard-working family, a dramatic place, and the love of good food.

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