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Home to more than 100 wineries, North Carolina’s history in wine dates back to Sir Walter Raleigh whose shipmates reported an abundance of winegrapes along the Atlantic shoreline. The MotherVine on Roanoke Island still stands. It has been growing and producing scuppernong (Muscadine) grapes for five centuries. Today, North Carolina produces native Muscadine wines as well as European varietals like Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Syrah, planted in the state’s Western and Piedmont regions. 

Featured Wineries

Biltmore Wines

The winery is located on the legendary Biltmore Estate, a majestic 8,000-acre property in the Blue Ridge Mountains, created by George W. Vanderbilt in 1895.

Cypress Bend Vineyards

Since the first commercial wine grape Mother Vine in the United States, dating back to Sir Walter Raleigh, resides in North Carolina, it makes sense that Cypress Bend Vineyards thrives here as well.

Notable Wineries

Childress Vineyards

This newcomer at the southern gateway to the Yadkin Valley is the result of NASCAR team owner Richard Childress’ passion for great wine.

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Raylen Vineyards & Winery

First-time visitors are delighted by the rolling hills and winding drive that leads to the door of this picturesque former dairy farm.

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Shelton Vineyards

North Carolina’s largest vineyard awaits wine tourers at the north end of the Yadkin Valley with the gourmet Harvest Grill restaurant, bucolic picnic area, and daily tours.

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Westbend Vineyards

In 1972, Westbend Vineyards Founder Jack Kroustalis made history by planting the Yadkin Valley's first vinifera grapevines.

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