Through the past 50 years, Oregon has evolved in to a world-class wine growing state. Readily recognized for Pinot Noir, the region is blessed with one of the world’s most diverse climates. In fact, it’s not unusual to find a single winery with two or three Pinot Noirs that grew side-by-side. Beyond Pinot Noir, there are other varieties that also do well in this beautiful state. Take a look around.

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Oregon Wine Regions

Columbia River Gorge

Running more than 80 miles in length, this dramatic, naturally scenic destination is home to many small wineries that produce excellent wines. 

Southern Oregon

From Eugene south to the California border, Southern Oregon is the warmest growing region in the state with hillsides and valleys offering wines from both cool and warm climate grapes.

Willamette Valley

Providing the perfect environment for the “Goldilocks grape”, Pinot Noir, this region possesses a myriad of distance microclimates, soils, and climate for aromatic and flavorful wines.