Virginia Winery Directory

The beautiful Commonwealth of Virginia provides countless choice sites for vineyards. No matter where you travel in Virginia, you’ll discover fascinating regions with vineyards and wineries producing intriguing wines.  Virginia has five distinct climate regions: the Tidewater, Piedmont, Northern Virginia, Western Mountain, and Southwestern Mountain. Each provides a temperate climate that’s not too hot or cold for extended periods. Given Virginia’s varied grape-growing sites with ideal soil conditions, fine wines now come from all over the state.

Featured Wineries

Horton Vineyards

Today, Horton Vineyards is synonymous with Virginia Viognier.

Three Fox Vineyards

The heart of Northern Virginia has always been known for horses and foxes, and now Three Fox Vineyards is helping to make it known for fine wine. 

Williamsburg Winery

Encircled by 320 acres of woodland, field, and vineyards, Williamsburg Winery is just three miles from Colonial Williamsburg, yet it’s a world apart.

Notable Wineries

Barrel Oak Winery

When Sharon and Brian Roeder opened Barrel Oak Winery in the spring of 2008, they realized a dream that began long before they knew each other.

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Other Wineries