Willamette Valley

It has been more than 50 years since the first Pinot Noir was planted in the Willamette Valley’s Red Hills. Since then, the Willamette Valley has grown and evolved into something greater than anyone could have imagined. Burgundian varieties grow exceptionally well here, where the coastal mountains provide ideal growing conditions. Today, Pinot Noir is considered by all to be the region’s signature wine. The Willamette Valley has earned a worldwide reputation for its continuity and consistency in quality.

Featured Wineries

Adelsheim Vineyard

With the conviction that Oregon’s cool climate and soils could yield distinctive wine, Ginny and David Adelsheim planted their first grapevines in 1972. To this day, the Adelsheim Vineyard is regarded as a leader in the growth and development of the Oregon wine industry.

ArborBrook Vineyards

Gentle elevation; subtle microclimates; and Oregon's long, cool growing season places ArborBrook Vineyards in an ideal terroir for producing a smooth Pinot Noir that lingers on the palate.

Argyle Winery

Argyle Winery’s history is a quintessential Oregon tale, complete with the promise of staking claim to new spaces, taking risks, and embracing opportunities and possibilities.

Brooks Wines

When Brooks opened its new tasting room in September 2014, the event was about much more than just brick and mortar. It was a celebration of the generosity and friendship of the Oregon wine community, who helped the winery get through devastating times when its founder passed away at an early age—only to carry on, rebuild, and uphold his legacy.

Carlton Cellars

Genuine friendships and a fierce love for Willamette Valley Pinot Noir led Dave Grooters and his wife, Robin, to found Carlton Cellars just a decade ago.

Chehalem Wines

From the beginning, Chehalem has made conscious farming choices that best express the flavors of the vineyard’s singular terroir while demonstrating a reverence to the land.

Cliff Creek Cellars

With each passing vintage, the wines of family-owned Cliff Creek Cellars attract national accolades that further confirm Vern Garvin’s excellent decision to build one more business at the age of 70.

Domaine Drouhin (French)

Le Domaine Drouhin Oregon est reconnu pour l’excellence soutenue de son Pinot Noir et de son Chardonnay de la propriété de Dundee Hills qui font état d’un lien profond avec les racines familiales en Bourgogne. Comme le dit la famille avec fierté, « Âme française, terroir orégonais

Domaine Drouhin (Japanese)


Domaine Drouhin Oregon

A magnificent 225-acre estate perched atop the famed Dundee Hills, Domaine Drouhin Oregon is credited with introducing many Burgundian practices to Oregon.

Duck Pond Cellars

Located in Dundee, Oregon, Duck Pond Cellars is known for producing great quality wines at modest prices.

Elizabeth Chambers Cellar

Today, Elizabeth Chambers Cellar is dedicated to the small-lot production of high-quality handcrafted Pinot Noir.

Elk Cove Vineyards

In terms of terroir, the Willamette Valley is often described as the United State's answer to Burgundy, and Elk Cove Vineyards has developed a reputation for crafting a refined French-style libation.

Hyland Estates

The wines of Hyland Estates provide a taste of history.

Lange Estate Winery & Vineyards

When Wendy and Don Lange first founded their namesake winery in 1987, it was one of the first wineries in the northern Willamette Valley’s beautiful Dundee Hills.

Le Cadeau Vineyard

Back in 1977, when Deb and Tom Mortimer first discovered the uncultivated land that would become the Le Cadeau Black Hole Vineyard, they knew instantly that it was an excellent site to grow Pinot Noir.

ROCO Winery

ROCO Winery represents the combined energy of a tireless married couple who dreamed for decades of starting their own winery focused on grapes grown ontheir property

Silvan Ridge Winery

Silvan Ridge Winery is like a slice of Alsace just 12 miles from downtown Eugene, Oregon

Sweet Cheeks Winery

Sweet Cheeks Winery, much like it's name, produces some of the most innovative and interesting wines in the world. 

The Four Graces

When Paula and Steve Black founded The Four Graces in the Red Hills of Dundee ten years ago, they set out to make rich, complex wines that elegantly express their unique Oregon terroir.

Trisaetum Vineyards

As a family business with three generations working side-by-side, Trisaetum (tris-say-tum) is a blossoming winery located in the heart of Oregon’s Ribbon Ridge AVA.

Utopia Vineyard

Driven by a love for Willamette Valley Pinot Noir and a desire to produce his own, Daniel Warnshuis searched far and wide before he found his dream spot and founded Utopia Vineyard in 2002. 

WillaKenzie Estate

WillaKenzie Estate was named after the sedimentary soil on which most of the estate vineyards are planted.

Willamette Valley Vineyards

Willamette Valley Vineyards began with a dream and a consumer-based business model. The dream was that of Founder Jim Bernau, a wine enthusiast who had been making wine at home since his early years.

Winderlea Vineyard & Winery

Winderlea’s commitment to stewardship is everywhere—in its business practices, the tasting room, the vineyard, and the wines it produces. 

Notable Wineries

August Cellars

The August Cellars Winery was masterfully built into a hillside around a gravity-flow system, with production facilities on the top two floors and barrel rooms on the bottom.

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Cherry Hill Winery

Cherry Hill Winery is nestled in the magical Eola-Amity Hills of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, Cherry Hill is truly a boutique winery producing award-winning Pinot Noirs from the 90-acre estate.

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Colene Clemens Vineyards

Wine tourists who visit the lodge-like tasting room at Colene Clemens are swept away by a breathtaking 360-degree panoramic view

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Left Coast Cellars

Driven by the fundamental concept that only great grapes make great wine, Left Coast Cellars handcrafts each vintage exclusively from estate grown Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, and Chardonnay.

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Olsen Family Vineyards

The story of Olsen Family Vineyards dates back to the early 1800s when the first homesteaders settled in the Willamette Valley and began to farm the land.

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Orchard Heights Winery

Perched high in the foothills of Oregon’s Coast Range Mountains, Orchard Heights Winery offers warm hospitality, intriguing wines, famous food, and a fun place to shop

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Rex Hill

A family-owned winery in the Willamette Valley since 1982, Rex Hill makes wines with quiet power, elegance, and eloquence, giving true expression of site, vintage, and climate.

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Torii Mor Winery

Torii Mor Winery takes pride in their Pinot Noir in which they believe best emulates this union of beauty and earth.

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Yamhill Valley Vineyards

Located in the foothills of Oregon’s Coast Range Mountains, Yamhill Valley Vineyards enjoys a unique soil of heavy clay and marine sediments that helps Yamhill Winery produce wines with incredibly intense flavor and structure.

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Youngberg Hill Vineyard

Located just off the beaten path in central Willamette Valley wine country, Youngberg Hill Vineyard rises to the expectations of those seeking wines that speak to the land where they were born.

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Featured Accommodations

Allison Inn & Spa
<p> Welcoming and sophisticated, The Allison Inn & Spa is the quintessential place to stay when visiting the Willamette Valley in Oregon wine country.</p>
Youngberg Hill

The eight-room inn stands like a beacon at the top of Youngberg Hill, overlooking 20 acres of vines and a vista view that stretches for miles.

Black Walnut Inn

Standing atop a hill in the heart of Willamette Valley wine country, Black Walnut Inn provides guests with an ideal respite complete with sumptuous rooms, gourmet cuisine, and jaw-dropping views.

Dundee Manor B&B

Gracious and grand, Dundee Manor offers guests a wonderful place to relax and unwind in the Willamette Valley’s magnificent Red Hills.

Distinctive Destinations
<p> With a portfolio of three stunning properties in Willamette Valley wine country, Distinctive Destinations provides guests a choice of remarkable vacation venues with exceptional hospitality and four star amenities.</p>
Stoller Family Estate Guest Homes

Stoller Family Estate is not only an award-winning Oregon winery, but they also offer unforgettable overnight experiences at their three guest homes located on property.

Le Puy A Wine Valley Inn

Le Puy A Wine Valley Inn is a luxury eight-suite, four season destination bed and breakfast perfectly located in the Willamette Valley.

Inn at Red Hills

Located in the heart of Oregon wine country, the Inn at Red Hills is a charming boutique hotel.

Featured Businesses

Ecliptic Brewing

With more than 25 years of experience, the iconic Pacific Northwest Brewmaster John Harris founded Ecliptic Brewing in 2013 to unite his two passions: brewing and astronomy.

New Deal Distillery

Established in 2004, New Deal Distillery has paved the way for Portland’s exciting craft distillery movement.

Featured Destinations

Dundee Hills

Less than 30 miles southwest of Portland, the spectacular Dundee Hills appellation is no longer a secret: it’s a destination. 

Willamette Valley Wine Country

Just about 30 minutes southwest of Portland, the scenic beauty of the 120-mile long Willamette Valley unfolds with an abundance of adventures and discoveries.



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